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Our team has decades of experience advising companies large and small on how to realize big savings on external spend and sustain those savings with best supplier and category management practices. We usually see 3-10% savings in the first year of using LUPR.

LUPR integrates easily with most software and ERP systems. LUPR is based on the Salesforce platform, with many ready-made and  easy-to-configure APIs available for most software currently on the market.

All packages include training and email support. Enterprise users receive our highest level of support. Phone and web conferences are included in your subscription fee. You’ll have access to customer support specialists 8am – 5pm M – F EST. LUPR support will usually reply on the same day – up to 2 business days. Our ticketing systems prioritizes support requests for user to ensure the highest level of support.

One view to get full supplier analysis and risk. LUPR is collaborative, secure, innovative (AI, IOT adapts easily). It also has unlimited data capabilities and is easily integrated with other systems. LUPR is based on the Salesforce platform and is the only reverse CM in the market.

LUPR monitors adoption in the software and reports to managers. We provide free, hands-on training so all team members feel comfortable and confident using and adopting the tool.

No, full Salesforce platform licenses are included in the price of LUPR.

Yes, LUPR can be installed in your current Salesforce environment or could be installed as a separate instance.

Yes. LUPR comes pre-packaged with a full Salesforce license. The package (LUPR app plus Salesforce license) is purchased through LUPR.

LUPR is modular in nature. Each module covers different aspects of a holistic approach to supplier management. Some of our customers choose to use only a few modules that complement their existing toolset.

Typically, yes. We’ve helped organizations optimize their procurement processes for over 20 years. While LUPR is intuitive and does not require special training, the software should be tailored to the processes and structures that are unique to your organization.

The combination of the tool an professional services provide the optimal combination to succeed in your journey to enhance performance and savings while reducing your risk from your suppliers.

LUPR was founded in 2017.

Companies that actively manage the performance of their suppliers typically report a 30% improvement.  Through automation, LUPR customers can effectively manage more suppliers. Our professional services team will work with you to develop a baseline of performance that will clearly show the benefit f LUPR to your organization bottom-line.

It takes about 30 minutes to set up a free trial for up to 5 users in your organization. A typical implementation for a procurement team and stakeholders in multiple locations takes 3 – 4 months.

Suppliers interact with you via the Supplier Community.  They can view information you choose to share, respond to inquiries from your company and self-maintain their company information and licenses.

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